Miss Linda and her staff are dedicated, organized, and caring. They provide a safe and non-competitive atmosphere. We have been with The Performance Dance Center for years and my girls just LOVE it! Miss Linda puts on a top-notch recital!!! We are very happy here!

– The Boutin Family

My daughter Isabella doesn’t like to sit still, even to watch TV, but she recently discovered a show called “Angelina Ballerina,” then asked repeatedly (as she danced around the house) if she could take classes. We ended up at PDC and we both LOVE it. She’s having a wonderful time and I get so much enjoyment in watching her. Thank you for such a great experience. Linda is a great instructor and really knows how to keep the children on task, while providing a fun learning environment.

– Abby Levine

1) The studio is organized, well-structured, and friendly. The monthly newsletter tells you everything you need to know well in advance of when you need to know it.

2) The recitals are creative and entertaining. Each year PDC seems to come up with new ideas and things that keep if fresh and alive.

3) What I appreciate most about Miss Linda are all the little “extras.”  She truly thinks of everything. To decorate for last year’s show, she took a picture of each child during their class time and decorated a “shining star” with their photo. These were displayed during the recital and then the kids could bring them home.

4) Before exhibiting her Catherine Zeta-Jones look at last year’s recital, Miss Linda carefully modeled the brunette wig for her younger classes to prevent them from being frightened or surprised when they saw her on stage. (Unfortunately, the parents didn’t get the same forewarning, so we were all stunned!)

While I like the new studio, the teachers, the staff, etc., I really think that it’s the little things that PDC does that places you above and beyond the studio down the street.

– Wendy Currier

Wendy has been bringing her three daughters to The Performance Dance Center for years. The above reasons are her thoughts on Miss Linda and her staff and why she keeps coming back each year.